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In 1970, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics. I first served as a researcher and then a manager of weapon systems design. My leadership skills were developed and subsequently I became a first, second and then third level supervisor. I was appointed to the Federal Senior Executive Service in 1988. In 1994 I was recruited to lead a project in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. In 1998, I transferred to Florida to be the Director of Research and Engineering for the Navy’s simulation and training systems. There I supervised 500 scientists and engineers. I retired from that in 2002.


I chose to make a dramatic departure from my previous work. Since 2003, I have served as a court-appointed guardian for individuals who can no longer make their own decisions. I also spent 5 years doing volunteer work as a Guardian ad Litem for neglected and abused children. In this work, I was quickly surrounded by conflict. The court system is a poor way to resolve disputes. I decided to do what I could to provide an alternate way to deal with conflict. I’ve been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida to mediate in County Court and in family matters. I’ve mediated a variety of cases. In the spring of this year, I decided that I was called to do much more about peacemaking. I’d taken the Conflict Coaching and Mediation training a few years ago and decided one of my next steps was to pursue certification as a Christian Conciliator.








As a mediator, I have been primarily facilitative. Of course, my experience in mediation has reinforced my observation that facts and logic frequently have nothing to do with the resolution of a dispute.

I am married in my second marriage for 28 years. My wife Paula is an RN and has been my mentor and guide. We do some work together.  We have 4 children from our first marriages, 11 grandchildren and one great grand. We’ve lived in Florida for 17 years and enjoy the weather. I’ve been in a variety of leadership roles in our church (Methodist), and sing in the choir. I’m qualified as a Lay Servant and I’m comfortable with public speaking and teaching.


Conflict Resolution

  • Certified by the Supreme Court of Florida for Family and County Court Mediation

  • Elected member and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators

  • Accepted as Candidate for Certified Christian Conciliator TM by the Institute for Christian Conciliation

  • Memberships:

    • Association for Conflict Resolution (and the Elder Mediation Section)

    • Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce


  • Registered with the Department of Elder Affairs for thirteen years

  • Certified by the national Center for Guardianship Certification

  • Formerly elected President of the Central Florida State Guardianship Association, elected as a Board member of the Florida State Guardianship Association (FSGA), and appointed as the Executive Director of the FSGA

  • Active in committees of the FSGA

  • Appointed as guardian of both person and property in Osceola, Orange and Seminole Counties

  • Memberships:

    • National Guardianship Association

    • Orange County Bar Association (affiliate member)

    • Elder Law Section (affiliate member)

  • Speaker at last four Annual Conferences of the FSGA

Of course, my basic strength is analytic. My Myers-Briggs typing is ISTJ. That served me well early in my first career. I have been able to develop effective emotional intelligence and that served me well as a supervisor and manager. I believe I was successful largely due to my ability to balance analysis and synthesis for a synergistic result.

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