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Key Concepts


“Thank you very much for your pro-active suggestions at our family’s mediation meeting. My dad would be glad that we’re honoring his legal documents, finally.”

The Conciliator is only a guide, the power rests with the Holy Spirit.

  • Parties in dispute will research relevant scripture; pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and His will; and seek counsel from other mature Christians.

  • Disputes may be about:

    • Interpersonal relationships,

    • Church and worship activities, or Civil contracts

  • It may be helpful to obtain group training in how to respond to conflict.

    • We offer short introductions to Biblical conflict resolution as well as training tailored to the needs of your church, community group or business.


  • Private

  • Informal

  • Confidential

  • Faster than litigation

  • Less costly than litigation

  • Obedient to God’s will

Every Situation Is Unique and Requires Its Own Treatment

  • Conflict Coaching – Helping you do the best you possibly can in a difficult situation.

  • Mediation- Working with all concerned to help the parties find a resolution that will please and honor God.

  • Arbitration – sometimes parties just want someone to tell them the best answer. Although this is rare, it is possible.

How is our faith relevant to the conflicts that affect our daily lives?

  • Both the Old Testament and the New Testament have a great deal to say about how we should deal with conflict.

  • Scripture lays out both general principles and specific practices for our benefit.

  • 1 Corinthians 6:1-6 points out the error of relying on civilian courts for disputes between Christians.

  • Matthew 5:23-24 makes it clear that reconciling with each other is not optional.

  • Other scriptural references are too numerous to list here, but they address: the Golden Rule, the origins of conflict, justice, confession and apology, forgiveness and restoration of relationships.

"We must do our business faithfully; without trouble or disquiet, recalling our mind to GOD mildly, and with tranquility, as often as we find it wandering from HIM."

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